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Client: Susquehanna International Group (SIG)

Website: Click here to visit website

Info: SIG needed a complete re-branding and website design that incorporated a sleek, easy-to-use
interface that reflected their corporate culture.

Client: 4SQUARE life coaching

Newsletter: Click here to visit full mockup

Info: 4SQUARE wanted to keep their customers informed of new services and company information
through a monthly e-mail newsletter.

Client: Mickie's Caramels

Website: Click here to visit full mockup

Info: Mickie's Caramels makes organic, homemade candies. Their website re-design creates a homey.
natural-feeling environment for their customers.


Info: Alvaro is a winery in Chester County, PA.

They wanted a hand-sketched and painted watercolor feel for their brand and identity.

Info: Bluewren is a graphic design studio in NJ.

We worked with their team to create a clean, simple brand and logo.

Info: Exlibris sells used and colletable books online.

The hand-drawn script logo reflects the inscribed editions that they specialize in.

Info: Fluffy Doom is an on-line gaming league.

The devilish bunny emblem
represents the league's competitive and fun spirit .

Info: Second Avenue Fitness is a gym in Philadelphia.

This brand and logo conveys action and movement with a solid foundation.

Info: Bibliofile is open-source
library software.

The logo is composed of text
ornaments found in printed books.

Client: Pro-Tech Floors

Info: Presentation folder with four included sales sheets that can serve as a projects portfolio for the company, with on-site flooring photography. Collaboration with the studio of Jennifer Rosenberg.

Client: The Scottish Gallery

Info: Sixteen-page artist's catalog for the Scottish Gallery, featuring the works of Andy Goldsworthy.