SIG’s team is made up of high performers—employees who are entrepreneurial, assertive, and always up for spirited debate on the best way to solve a problem.

We know that the continued growth of our team is critical to SIG maintaining its position as a leader in the global marketplace. We offer experienced applicants the chance to grow their skills in an environment that rewards creativity and innovation, and provide them with the resources and educational opportunities to help them thrive. We are always looking for talented people to join our team, and offer a diverse selection of areas of opportunity within the firm.

SIG is known for its sophisticated analytics and trading expertise—technology is the tool that merges these strengths. Our technology team is a key driver of our success, significantly contributing to SIG’s competitive advantage in the capital markets. The programs and software that our team of more than 500 develops enable our traders to capture as many opportunities as possible in a marketplace that rewards speed and efficiency. Our team encompasses:

-Trading systems development
-Market data infrastructure development
-Middle- and back-office development
-Application and trading system support
-Solutions infrastructure
-Information security and risk management
-Platform, network, and systems administration,
 engineering, and architecture
-Data center services

Our financial and tax accounting team handles the preparation, interpretation, and communication of financial data and statements for the entire Susquehanna International Group of Companies.

Compliance and legal
SIG’s legal and compliance teams guide our business through ethically sound courses of action in support of the company’s commitment to honest and transparent business operations.

Equity research
SIG’s research analysts study the valuation of securities from a more traditional and fundamental point of view, relying on pro forma financial performance, capital structure and financing requirements, strategic outlook, and trends impacting the company and the industry.

Institutional sales & trading
Our institutional research sales team is integral to driving trading decisions based on the investment analysis of our research analysts.

Market intelligence
Our marketing intelligence strategists monitor the markets with SIG’s proprietary communication systems to immediately identify noteworthy trades in the marketplace.

SIG's operations team provides the infrastructure and knowledge for back- and mid-office functions throughout the firm.

Quantitative research
Our quantitative research associates apply their mathematical skills in areas like probability and statistics, stochastic processes, numerical analysis, and optimization to construct models essential to trading derivatives.