SIG is a top liquidity provider with the resources and skills to generate and execute ideas under a wide range of market conditions. Our large suite of services includes sales and trading, research, and investment banking.

Through its affiliate, Susquehanna Financial Group, LLLP (SFG), SIG provides a wide variety of services to institutional clients and corporations. We leverage our quantitative abilities and technology expertise to service and partner with a dynamic clientele.

Susquehanna Financial Group, LLLP (SFG), an affiliate of SIG, sits at the center of the global financial markets, providing liquidity, competitive pricing, and industry-leading insights with execution services in equities, options on equities, ETFs, U.S. corporate bonds and treasuries, and indices.

Sales & Trading
SFG offers a full range of order execution and trading flow services, with a focus on delivering innovative trading strategies and top of the line execution services to clients. SFG's global equities platform has execution capabilities across all listed and OTC markets. Working in close partnership with our market intelligence team, our equity sales team is capable of providing liquidity and execution in the most illiquid names. Our fixed income sales and trading team has a wide range of experience in the U.S. corporate and treasury debt market. Our ability to commit capital on an ongoing basis to preserve and promote trading activity helps us create dependable, durable relationships with institutional clients.

Research Sales
SFG's research sales professionals work closely with our research analysts and market intelligence specialists to generate actionable trading ideas for clients. Interacting directly with portfolio managers, the research sales team works to enhance client ideas and optimize the use of analyst research and market intelligence information.

Electronic Trading Solutions
SFG has a strong set of relationships with the major FIX connectivity and buy-side OMS vendors that allow us to connect with our customers in equities and options. SIGStar®, a reliable, time-tested product provides clients with direct market access tools, including market data and connectivity to our equity algorithms. It also allows us to provide FIX connectivity to customers in the equity and options space.

Susquehanna International Securities, Ltd. (SIS),
an affiliate of SIG, is a leading market maker specializing in liquidity provision in exchange traded funds and single stock futures in Europe.

SIS deals directly with other exchange members, broker dealers, and professional clients. Using its algorithmic trading capabilities, SIS executes orders for clients and holds membership on the following exchanges:

-London Stock Exchange
-Irish Stock Exchange
-NYSE Euronext
-Borsa Italiana
-The Swiss Stock Exchange

SIS'  focus is in liquidity provision, with a specialization in the following:

Exchange Traded Funds
SIS acts as a liquidity provider in a large number of exchange traded funds across Europe, dealing both through the exchanges' central limit order books and also making risk prices to brokers and clients over the counter and commission-free. A list of the ETFs in which SIS is a registered market maker and of those in which it is not a registered market maker but makes prices on a request basis can be obtained here.

Single stock futures
SIS is LIFFE's largest liquidity provider in single stock futures covering more than 140 names across 10 countries.

Index futures
SIS is currently the only market maker in the FTSE NASDAQ Dubai UAE 20 index future. This is the first exchange traded future in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region.